Recover Deleted Tweets Using This Easiest Method

Twitter is a very popular social media channel, not only companies use it rather from celebrities, Marketers to Politicians, everyone uses twitter now-days.

According to The Washington Post, Twitter has 126 Million daily active users. By this figure, you can assume how popular this social media channel is.

We tweet daily, It includes useful post, Photos and memories which is really important for you.

But imagine, those tweets get deleted by you. Now, you want to recover deleted tweets.

So, you are on the right page where you are going to know how to recover deleted tweets to get your memories back.

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How To Recover Deleted Tweets?

Here I am going to explain it in steps to find deleted tweets or how to recover them:

Step: 1 Go to and log in your account for which you want to recover deleted tweets.

Recover deleted tweets and DMs

Step: 2 Once you logged in, you can see on the left side of the screen. 

Recover Deleted Tweets

Step: 3 Once you clicked on More, it will show a menu where you need to click on Settings and Privacy.

Setting And Privacy

Step: 4 On the next page, you can see Data and Permission settings. Click on that to Your Twitter Data option.

Twitter Data and Permissions Settings

Step: 5 Once you click on Your Twitter Data, It will ask you to enter your password to verify you are the owner who he requesting Twitter data.

Download Your Twitter Data

Step: 6  Now your Twitter data is ready to download, you can click on Download Archive.

Download Deleted Tweets

Step: 7 When you clicked on the Download archive button, you can see the Twitter Data Archive. Just need to click on download data to get it.

Download Or View Twitter Data

Step: 8 That’s it! You have downloaded your twitter data successfully into your computer. It is in .zip format, so you need to extract it first. You can easily do it using tools like WinRAR.

This post will definitely help you to unzip your Twitter Data archive file: How to Extract Files From ZIP, RAR, 7z and Other Common Archives

Extract Deleted Tweets

Step: 9 Once this file will be extracted successfully, you will get some files and folder from it.

Tweets Index file

Step: 10 Open the Index.html in your favourite browser. Once you open it, you can see all your tweets which you have made in twitter from day one. It contains your deleted tweets too.

This is the easiest and working way which you can use to recover your deleted tweets which were very important for or may contain your sweet memories.

You can easily filter your tweets according to Months and Years using right side widget.

Alternative Methods To Recover Deleted Tweets

If the above’s method is not working for you then consider using below listed alternative methods to restore deleted tweets from your twitter profile.

Using SnapBird

There is a tool called that can help you to view deleted tweets for someone else’s account.

This is a very handy tool for this task and the best alternative to the native method of twitter that I have listed above.

First, visit and authenticate using your Twitter account by clicking Authenticate With Twitter button at the right upper corner.

restore deleted tweets using Snapbird

You can see three fields, search, who? and for… You can see all tweets of any account just by enter username of the account.

You have following option in Search dropdown option:

  • Someone’s timeline: You can see anyone’s timeline and see all the tweets made from that twitter account.
  • Someone’s likes: You can see all the tweets a person liked by entering his/her username in the who box.
  • Your friend’s tweets: Use this option to see all your friends tweets by entering your username. For using this option, you need to upgrade your account.
  • Tweets mentioning you: This is also a premium feature, you need to upgrade your account to see the tweets that ever mentioned you.
  • Your direct messages: See all the DMs sent to you but again this is also a premium feature.

You can use this tool to see all the tweets made by any twitter account just by entering its username.

After clicking on the search button, you will get all the tweets deleted or non-deleted both.

view deleted tweets using Snapbird

This is the easiest method you can use see deleted tweets of any Twitter account.

Using Google Cache

Another easy method you can use to view your deleted tweets. Here are the steps you need to follow to see all the tweets you’ve ever tweeted from your account.

First, search your Twitter account on Google. You can use this search query “your twitter username + twitter“.

You will see a down arrow as highlighted in the image above… Click on that and then Cached

It will show your previous cached version of the page where you can see all deleted tweets. This method can be used for finding own and someone else’s deleted tweets.

Using Politwoops

Politwoops is a tool that stores all tweets made by politicians parties. If you want to see deleted tweets from a political party then this tool will work great.

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All the methods mentioned in this post will help you to restore your deleted tweets.

If twitter’s native method isn’t working for you then you can try the alternative methods listed above.

I hope you found this post useful for you if you did then must show some love by sharing it with others.

If having any query them must leave in below comments box and I will help you to solve that.


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32 thoughts on “Recover Deleted Tweets Using This Easiest Method”

  1. The README file says that it doesn’t contain the deleted tweets no more.

    This JSON file contains all the Tweets posted and not deleted. “

  2. Hey Ravi.

    I tested this today.

    The JSON archive doesn’t included deleted tweets.

    The readme file included with the download from makes this clear.

  3. When I go to twitter account settings, there’s no content tab. I can’t find anywhere in my settings where I can request my archive.

    • Hello, Hannah!

      First, you need to click on More then Settings and Privacy. In the Data and permissions, click on Your Twitter Data. It will ask you to enter the Password,. The last step is the Download Archive.

  4. this is misleading because i want the deleted tweet to get back to my profile. i think there is no way to fix this currently, also there is no index.html files only javascript

  5. Hello, Twitter no longer gives the .html file and there are no files that have deleted Tweets after I download the archive. Is it impossible now to see deleted Tweets? And all the .JS files are broken but no deleted Tweets there either. I’m desperate.

  6. is there a way you could help me undo deleted tweets? the deleted some of my tweets i didn’t intend to delete. I’m desperate. Is there any premium app for it? Thanks!


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