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PS5 Where To Buy: 5 Top Places To Look For PS5 Restock!

The PS5 is the latest in Sony’s Playstation family. It was released on November 12, 2020, and it has many new features that you won’t find on the PS4. One of these features is a 4K resolution with HDR support for gaming at 60 frames per second. The controller is also updated with an option to charge it by plugging it into your console!

I’m pretty sure that you also want to grab one to enhance your gaming experience. So, you might be looking for guides about PS5 where to buy, ps5 prices, when will ps5 restock at target and so on. We are at will be helping you to buy PS5 for your home.

In this article, I will be sharing the places where you can find the PS5 if you got lucky. Otherwise, you can keep your eyes on these websites because they frequently get PS5 to restock so you can buy one as soon as it comes back in stock.

PS5 Where To Buy — Quick Links

PS5 Where To Buy, Price, Restock Information

PS5 is available on almost all online shopping giants such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, GameStock, Verizon etc. but it is very hard to find where it actually has stock to buy. Because it gets out of stock in seconds because people like you, are already waiting for it by holding their cards in their hands.

But don’t worry because AllAboutPS5 is there to help you in purchasing a PS5 for yourself. In this article, you will get information about where to buy ps5.

1. Buy From PlayStation Direct

PlayStation Direct

PlayStation Direct is a platform built by the company behind PlayStation for their customers so they can buy and pre-book their products directly from officials. You can visit PlayStation Direct here and register to buy the PlayStation by clicking on the Register Now button.

You will require to have a PlayStation Network account to register here. If you don’t have one, you can create one using this link…

Once you are done with registering to buy, you can sit back relax and wait for their invitation to land in your inbox. Their selection process is based on their previous interests and PlayStation activities.

But there is no guarantee that you will be able to order the PlayStation after getting the invitation from their side. All the invitations are limited-time and quantities, per PSN ID per transaction.

2. Buy PS5 At Walmart

PS5 At Walmart

PS5 is available to buy at Walmart also, but it is tough to get the stock available there too. Because of low supply and high demand. But you have a chance to grab PS5 on this Black Friday because PS5 restock is available at Walmart during Cyber Week.

But we can not guarantee you that you will be able to grab one unit from Walmart because of the rush during the sale. But the good thing is, you can get early access to this Black Friday deal which is starting on November 22 but Walmart is opening the doors 4 hours early for Walmart+ paid members.

So, make sure you are already a Walmart+ member if not then join now…

3. Buy PS5 At Target

PS5 at target

Target is another shopping giant that sells PS5 but no one can tell you exactly when they will have the next PS5 restock. But you can keep your eyes on Target during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, there are high chances that Target will have PS5 stock available for sale.

4. Buy PS5 At

PS5 At Amazon

Amazon is the world’s biggest online shopping portal that is the favourite online shopping place for everyone. You can buy the PS5 from Amazon when the stock is available at its official price. But when the stock will be available? During the Black Friday sale, yes there are high chances of PS5 restocking on during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday week on Amazon.

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

Sony’s most popular next-gen gaming console provides lightning-fast speed and enhanced gaming experience than any other console in the world.

5. Buy PS5 At Best Buy

You can find the PS5 on Best Buy too, the console is currently sold out and it is very tough to guess when it will come back in stock. But as all other shopping portals are having the Black Friday deal on their platform, Best Buy also. So you can keep your eyes on Best Buy to get any update about the PS5 restocking. We believe that we will get some good news during Black Friday & Cyber Monday.


So, these are the best 5 places from where can buy the PS5. But it is hard to say when you will get the stock available because it gets finished in minutes when available because of high demand.

But we are getting strong vibes that all these retails will have ps5 stock available during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale.

You can bookmark this page where you can find all details related to PS5 Cyber Monday.

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