How To Remove A Remembered Account On Instagram?

Instagram makes it convenient for its users to log into their account back quickly by remembering their accounts.

It is most convenient for Instagram users with multiple accounts, they can easily switch between accounts and when they logged out from one, Instagram remembers that and allows them to access it quickly.

But what if you want to remove a remembered account on Instagram?

Don’t worry! There is a way to remove a remembered account on Instagram. You are going to find the same in this post.

I will be showing you how to remove a remembered account on Instagram?

When Is It Compulsary To Remove A Remembered Account On Instagram?

Let’s imagine you forgot your phone at your home, but there is a situation when you urgently need to login into your Instagram account.

So, you took your friend’s mobile phone and logged into your Instagram account. You used your account and then logged out from your friend’s mobile phone.

But Instagram remembered your account, now your friend can easily use your account or someone else who uses his mobile phone.

So to avoid such situations, you need to remove your account from your remembered account on Instagram.

How To Remove A Remembered Account On Instagram?

Instagram understands that this feature can lead to unethical uses of Instagram users, so it provides an option to remove remembered accounts from Instagram.

So, if you use someone else’s mobile phone to use your Instagram account, you can easily log out and remove your account as remembered account from his device.

I will show you the exact steps you can follow to remove a remembered account on Instagram:

1. Stop Instagram From Remembering An Account

You got an option when logging out from your Instagram account that allows you to stop Instagram from remembering your account.

Launch the Instagram app, go to the Profile tab at the right bottom corner that has your Instagram profile pic. Then click on the Three-Horizontal menu at the top-right upper corner.

Now some menus will appear, you need to click on the Settings option at the top.

Instagram settings

Scroll down to the bottom and click on the Log out @yourusername option at the bottom.

Log out of your account

Now a popup will appear asking you whether you want Instagram to remember your login info or not, untick the box and click on Log out.

remember my log in info

Now you are logged out of your Instagram account and your account is not added as the remembered account on the Instagram app.

That’s how you can stop Instagram from saving your Instagram account info as remembered account.

2. How To Remove A Remembered Account On Instagram?When You Are Logged Out

What if you are already logged out of your Instagram account but forgot to choose “not to remember login info”, now the account is saved as a remembered account on Instagram App.

Now let’s see how you can remove that:

Step #1: Ensure that you are logged out of your Instagram account from the app.

Step #2: Open the Instagram App.

Step #3: Choose a remembered account that you want to remove from the device.

Step #4: Click on three-horizontal dots.

How To Remove A Remembered Account On Instagram

Step #5: A popup will appear, click on the Remove to remove that remembered account from Instagram.

This is how to remove a remembered account on Instagram… You only need to follow the above mentioned five steps.

3. Clear Instagram App Data

Another method to remove the remembered Instagram account is by clearing the app date from the phone.

To use this method, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Step: 1 Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Step: 2 Go to Apps(this might be Applications & notifications or Application Manager) in your mobile.
  • Step: 3 Find out the Instagram from the list of apps and open it.
  • Step: 4 Then click on the Storage.
  • Step: 5 Clear the App data and Cache.

4. Change Your Instagram Password

If you change your Instagram account password, it will keep you logged in to your device but log you out from all other devices you logged into or remembered your login info.

By doing this, you can ensure that your account is not being used by someone else.

To change your Instagram password, follow the below steps:

  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2. Go to profile tab at the right-bottom corner.
  3. Now click on the three-horizontal lines menu at the top-right corner.
  4. Click on Settings.
  5. Go to Security.
  6. Then select password to change your password.
  7. Type your existing password and also new password.
  8. Click on Save settings to make the change in password.

By following this method, you are not removing your remembered account but it will prevent someone else to log in to your account if you kept your account remembered in his/her phone.

How To Remove A Remembered Account On Instagram In iPhone?

Are you an iPhone user?

Then here is a way for you that you can follow to remove a remembered account on Instagram on iPhone too. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app installed in your iPhone.
  2. Go to your Instagram profile and tap on the three-horizontal lines.
  3. Now click on the Settings and scroll down to “Privacy and Security” click on that.
  4. Under the “Login security” and tap on “Saved login info”.
  5. A pop up will apear asking you “Remove saved login info” option, click on the Remove.
  6. Now go back to Settings and click on the Log out to log out from your account.
  7. You will see a popup again asking you to “Remember login info“, click on the Not now option.
  8. Now confirm by tapping on “Logout”.

Bottom Line

I have shared the 4 different methods that you can use and remove a remembered account from Instagram. You can follow any of the above methods and remove remembered accounts.

I hope you found this article useful if you did then make sure you share it with others.

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