How To Recover Locked Twitter Account Without Phone Number?

Are you locked out of your Twitter account?

I was also in the same situation where I locked myself out of my Twitter account and failed to recover it even after too many try.

But I managed to recover my account and going to help you to get your twitter account unlocked by sharing the same exact method I used to recover my locked twitter account.

But the problem with mine was, I don’t even have the access to my phone number that I used when creating my twitter account, It was a very old twitter account.

But I still managed to recover it.

If you also don’t have access to your phone number that you used when signing up for twitter and looking an helpful post on how to recover locked twitter account without phone number, then you got one.

But before moving ahead, you should find the reason why you twitter account got locked.

Why Twitter Locked My Account?

Here are some reasons why twitter lock accounts, this will help you know why your twitter account got locked and if you able to find the reason behind that then finding solution will be easier for you:

Spamming Through Your Twitter Account: If Twitter founds you doing spamming, now you might be thinking what kind of spamming, then here are some:

  1. Tweeting Adult, Illegal or Toxic links through your account
  2. Retweeting or replying the same tweet again and again
  3. Sending same messages to multiple accounts using 3-party tools

Twitter Found Suspicious Activity: If you entered the wrong password many times, then it may lead to locking your account.

You’ve Violated Twitter Rules: If Twitter found you have violated any of their guidelines, they can lock you out of your account.

Someone Has Report Abuse You On Twitter: If someone reported you on Twitter, it may also cause to lock your account.

Use Your Real Date Of Birth: Twitter will lock your account if it founds that you lied about your age/DOB.

Types Of Twitter Account Access Restrictions

Twitter has a range of ways to restrict a Twitter account access, first, you need to understand the type of restriction on your account then it will be easy for you to unlock your twitter account. Here are the most common restrictions Twitter uses:

Locked Twitter Account: Twitter forcefully logs you out of your twitter account from all the devices if they found any suspicious behaviour or security concern through your account. It can be entering the wrong password again and again or too many 3rd party services are connected with your account.

Limited Twitter Account: This type of restriction stop you from tweeting, retweeting and liking tweets. It happens when you start being too active on Twitter, not as usual. This restriction come in action automatically, Twitter algorithms are smart now.

Or, there can be another reason behind this. If you found violating any Twitter rules then it may cause to you limitations on your account.

Suspended Twitter Account: It is equivalent to banned on Twitter, sometimes a suspension can be temporary and can be appealed but in most cases, it is for permanent. It happens because of posting fake news, using bots, being a fake account, impersonation, harassment, being hacked, and violating Twitter rules.

Now, let’s take a look at the method that you can use to recover a locked Twitter account without a phone number.

How To Fix A Limited Or Restricted Twitter Account?

Twitter always communicate with you via direct message or email on your registered email address with Twitter.

They will also tell you the reasons behind that and how you can recover your twitter account. They will explain the steps you need to take.

Here are some examples of actions that twitter usually request to account holder in order to get their Twitter account back:

  1. Verify your email address(the same registered with twitter).
  2. Verify the phone number that you used when registering with twitter.
  3. Verify your DOB by submitting any identity proof.
  4. Delete the tweets that violated Twitter rules.
  5. Submit an appeal through the official form.

How To Recover A Suspended Twitter Account?

Being very honest here! There are only a few % chances to recover a suspended Twitter account.

Because Twitter suspend an account when it crossed all the limits of violations of Twitter rules. But you still try using the below method:

Here are the steps that you need to follow to recover your locked twitter account without a phone number:

Step 1: Go to Twitter Account Help page. Or, you can enter this URL in your favorite browser’s URL input box

How to recover locked twitter account without phone number

Step 2: Enter your Twitter account’s @username in the Your Twitter Username field. When entered, click on Search.

Twitter will find your account if you entered correct username. You will be seeing a screen like the below image.

recover locked twitter account

Step 3: Now click on Still need help? at the bottom. It will open a form where you need to enter your email(registered email), description of problem and verify that you are human using reCAPTCHA Challenge.

In the description of the problem, describe that your account is suspended and everything related to that.

unlock a locked twitter account

When you filled all the three fields and verified reCAPTCHA, click on the Continue button to submit your form.

After clicking on Continue, you will see a success screen.

The Twitter team will take a few days to respond or it may take longer than this. So you need to wait for their reply.

Read More:

Tips To Be On Safe Side Of Twitter

Here are some tips that you can follow to prevent account locked, limited or suspended in future:

  1. Don’t Use Bots: Don’t use bots to auto-post through your Twitter account or to mass follow or unfollow. These kind of things are against Twitter rules.
  2. Add A Phone Number: By adding a phone number to your Twitter account, you are proving that you are a real person and it is your real account.
  3. Avoid Tweeting Sensitive/Adult/Illegal Content: Tweeting or commenting these kinds of content cause your account locked or suspended, don’t do that.
  4. Use Your Real Avatar: Avoid using other images than your real face in the Twitter avatar, by using your own face, you are proving that it is a real account.
  5. Don’t Use Auto-Follow Tools: There are many such tools available online, avoid using them if you want to be on the safe side of Twitter.
  6. Enter Your Real Date Of Birth: Use your real date of birth for which you have an identity proof.


This is how to recover locked twitter account without using phone number.

I have shared everything which is important for you to know, first you need to understand the reasons behind your account lock and then what kind of restriction is this.

Then choose the best way to recover it.

Here are few more hand-picked articles for you:

I hope you found this article useful if you did then must share with others and help them too in recovering their twitter accounts.


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