How To Enable MX Player Dark Theme?

Want to enable the MX player dark theme? If yes, this guide is for you.

MX Player is a very popular Indian video streaming and on-demand video app by MX Media & Entertainment. The app has over 280 million users globally and it has over 150,000 hours of content across 12 languages including English, Hindi, Tamil and more.

The video app operates on an ad-supported model but it has a premium plan option that allows users to watch all content on the platform ad-free.

If you are a wide user of MX player and love watching videos on this platform, I have a step by step guide for you to enable the MX player dark mode.

How To Enable MX Player Dark Theme On Android App?

MX Player allows their users to switch the app theme at their convenience, some people like to use the light theme whereas some prefer having the dark theme for the apps they use.

So, the MX player provides an easy toggle switch to shift the MX player theme easily. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to enable the dark theme in MX player:

Step 1: Open the MX Player App

open MX player

First of all, open the MX player app installed on your mobile device. Click on the MX Player icon to open the app and proceed towards enabling the dark theme.

Step 2: Open The Menus(three horizontal lines)

Now click on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the screen. Here you can find all the important options such as My Downloads, My List, Local Music, Content Languages and others.

The menu also contains a Dark Theme option that you need to use to enable the theme in your MX player.

Step 3: Enable Dark Theme Toggle Switch

change the theme in MX Player

Find the Dark Theme toggle switch in the menus, the dark theme toggle switch is placed at the 4th position.

Now enable the Dark Theme to change your MX Player theme from light to dark.

Step 4: It’s Done

MX Player Dark theme enabled

Once you enabled the dark theme from the menu, it’s done! Your theme will immediately shift from light to dark.

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How To Enable Dark Theme In MX Player Website?

Do you watch the videos through the MX Player website on your computer or laptop? If you use the website instead of the mobile app and want to enable the dark mode there then here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: First of all, go to and log in to your accord with your login credentials if you are not already logged in.

login to mx player

Step 2: Once you are successfully logged into your MX Player account, click on the setting icon at the top right corner.

MX player setting

Step 3: After clicking on the settings, you will find the dark theme toggle switch there. Enable it to switch your MX Player theme from light to dark.

mx player black theme enabled

That’s it! This is what you need to do to enable the dark theme in the MX Player app and website.

The dark theme helps eyes when you are watching tv shows and movies at night. But make sure you change to the light theme when using the app in daylight to keep your eyes safe from being momentarily impaired.

If you still have any queries related to the MX Player Black Theme then drop them in the comments and consider sharing the post with others if you found it helpful for you.

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