How To Copy Youtube Comments On App & Browser?

Want to know how to copy YouTube comments?

This post is perfect for you because I am going to share the methods that you can use to copy comments on the YouTube app and browsers as well.

Copying YouTube comments on a web browser is easy, you just need to select the text in the comments you want to copy and press CTRL + C to copy or right click then copy.

But it’s not easy in the YouTube app. I’m sure that you have gone through a situation where you need to copy comments in YouTube mobile app.

You might want to share the comments’ text with someone by copying it but you couldn’t because the YouTube app doesn’t allow you to do so.

Don’t worry, I will be sharing an easy to follow step to copy comments text on the YouTube app.

How To Copy Comments On YouTube App? (Android)

YouTube does not allow you to copy the comments by default, you can not normally select the text or comments and copy them.

But this can be achieved with the help of 3rd party application named Universal Copy. You can easily download the app by going to the google play store.

Copy YouTube Comments With Universal Copy

Once the app is installed on your device, open the app. It will ask you to activate the app by clicking on the Activate button and then giving it permissions in the accessibility settings.

Give persmissions

Universal Copy app is ready to copy YouTube comments for you.

On the screen, you will some settings that you can change as per your preference. Also, make sure that Universal Copy is activated.

Universal Copy Settings

Now open the YouTube app and find the comment that you want to copy. Then swipe down the notification screen and click on the Universal Copy to activate it.

Select the comment that you want to copy then click on the Copy icon.

Copy Youtube comments

If the Universal Copy app is not able to scan the comments text then consider using its Scanner option that will scan the comments text easy and allow you to copy and paste YouTube comments.

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Copy YouTube Comments Without Using 3rd Party App

Don’t want to install any 3rd party app or tool?

There is a method that can avoid using any 3rd party application. You just need to follow the below steps:

Open the YouTube app install on your android phone and find the comment that you want to copy and share with others.

Copy the link of the video by clicking on the Share and then Copy Link.

Open the chrome browser installed on your mobile device and paste the URL to visit the YouTube video.

Android browser

Find the comment that you want to copy, select the text and then click on the Copy. That’s it!

copy and paste youtube comments

There is no need to install any 3rd party app to copy the comments on YouTube.

How To Copy YouTube Comments In Browser?

It is quite easy to copy the comments text on YouTube while browsing YouTube on a web browser be it Google Chrome, Firefox or any other.

Visit and find the comment that you want to copy and share with others.

Select the text and use CTRL + C to copy or you can also right-click then Copy to copy the comment.

copy YouTube comments

It’s pretty easy, right?

There is no need to use any 3rd party tool or application to copy the YouTube comments while browsing YouTube on a web browser. Just select the text and copy through the copy shortcut key or right-click.

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