FAUG – Best PUBG Alternative For India! How To Download And Install Fauji Game?

Recently, the Indian Government has banned PUBG Mobile Game along with 118 other Chinese apps. All the PUBG fans in India got shocked after this big move of Government.

Now people are looking for the best PUBG mobile game Alternatives and moving to them, some PUBG alternatives are Call Of Duty, Garena Free Fire: 3volution(Free Fire) etc.

But none of them is developed by Indian Game Developers, they are still from outside India.

So to support Pradhanmatri Narendra Modi AtmaNirbhar Bharat, Akshay Kumar recently announced an Indian royale battle action game called FAUG, this is going to be the best PUBG game alternative.

This name represents Indian soldiers, Fauji game or FAUG game is coming soon to your devices and will give you the same or better experience of playing a battle royale game like PUBG.

Akshay Kumar also announced that 20% of the net revenue generated from the game will be donated to Bharat Ke Veer trust.

This game is going to be developed by NCore Games under the mentor ship of Akshay Kumar.

This post is going to help you to know more about this upcoming action game which is going to be the best alternative of PUBG Mobile in India, you will get the following information about Fauji Game after reading this post:

Let’s start…

Full Name Of Fauji Game

PUBG created a trend of playing an action game and made people addicted to it. But the shocking thing happened when the Indian Government banned PUBG Mobile game along with 118 Chinese apps.

Now all those PUBG Addicted Indian players can not live without playing it, so the announcement of Fauji game gave them some relax and hope that they can play a game like PUBG which will be developed by Indian Developers.

The full name of FAU-G Game or Fauji Game is Fearless And United Guards. The full name of the game is also visible on the FAUG game official poster.

Check the image below:

Fearless and united guards which mean soldiers(guards) who are fearless and united with each other and protecting their country. This game is going to represent Indian Soldiers and their sacrifices.

And this game also going to help the Indian soldiers and their family, because 20% of the net revenue is going to be donated into BharatKeVeer trust.

Announced Date Of Fauji Game

On September 04, 2020, Akshay Kumar has announced the upcoming action game called FAU-G through his twitter handle.

In this tweet, he mentioned that this game will help players learn about the sacrifices of Indian Soldiers and 20% of the net revenue generated from the game will be donated to BharatKeVeer Trust.

Fauji Game Trailer

Here you can watch the official trailer of India’s FAU-G Game:


You can subscribe to the official YouTube channel of Fearless And United Guards to get more updates about the game.

Game Developer & Owner Of Fauji Game

According to news reports, The FauG game was already in development mode since May-June 2020(before the PUBG banned). But after 2 days of banned of PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite, Vishal Gondal, CEO of GOQii & Akshay Kumar announced the release of FauG game through their Twitter handles.

Below you can see both the tweets presenting Fauji Game.

The development company of FauG game is nCore Games and the name of the owner of FAU-G(reads Fauji) game is Vishal Gondal who is the CEO of GOQii and being developed under the mentorship of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

Size Of FauG Game

It is going to be developed by taking the low-budget mobile phones in mind and Game developers are trying their level best to keep it in low size as much as possible so mobile phones with fewer specifications can also support it and players can get better gaming experience.

As the game is not released yet so sharing the actual size of the game is not possible now. But you can expect it to get between 500MB to 1.5 GB for the android players and around 1.8GB for the iOS players.

Requirements For FAU-G Game

Here are the requirements for Fauji Game for android users:

  • Operating system: Android 6.0 or above.
  • RAM: 4GB.
  • Internet connection.

As like the PUBG and other royale battle games, FAU-G also requires a good internet connection to get better gaming experience.

FauG Game Release Details

Are you curious to know the FauG Game Release Date?

nCore Games didn’t share any release date yet, but it seems like they are going to release Fauji game at the end of the October month.

This is going to be the most awaited action game in 2020 and going to knock out all the action & shooting games like PUBG, Call-Of-Duty, Free Fire etc.

So, the launch date of Fauji Game is around End October. Once it launched, you can download it using Google Play Store or Apple App Store and play the game.

How To Download Fauji GAME?

This is the most common asked question, how to download FAUG Game? Or, I tried to download it from Google Play store but couldn’t find it?

The game is not launched yet, obviously, you can not download it now. But when it will be launched you can download it through the Google Play Store.

You just need to search the FAU-G and hit the Install button as you do when installing any other app in your android device.

It will be first available for android users and can be easily downloaded through the Google Play Store. Apple iOS users may need to wait for a bit longer to get in available in their Apple iOS App Store but when it will be available, can be download from the app store.

Or, there is another way to download the Fauji game. You can download the Fauji Game APK file from their official site and then install FauG Game APK file to your Android or iOS Mobile device.

The best thing is, this will be available to free download but may contain some in-game purchases like the other battle royale game.

Game Download Link For Android Users: Download FAU G Mobile(Coming Soon)

Game Download Link For Apple iOS Users: Download FAU G Mobile(Coming Soon)

Some Most Common Asked Questions About Fau-G Game

What is FauG game?

FauG is an upcoming battle royale game which is developing by nCore Games and developing under the mentorship of Akshay Kumar. This is going to be the best replacement of PUBG Mobile Game for Indian players.

Is FauG game a government app?

No, it is not a government app. It is developing in the response of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Atmanirbhar Bharat. Although, 20% of net revenue will be donated to Bharat Ke Veer trust.

How to install FAUG game APK?

You can easily download the FAUG game through your Google Play Store if you are an android user or if you are an Apple iOS user then you can download it through Apple App Store once it launched.

What does FAU-G stands for?

FAU-G stands for Fearless And United Guards. It repents the soldiers…

What is the official release date of the Fau G Game in India?

There is no official announcement by the nCore games about the launch date of the game, but it is expected that it will be launched around the end of the October.

Who is the Owner of Fau G?

Vishal Gondal is the owner of the upcoming FAU-G Game, he the CEO of GOQii. Although, the game is being developed under the mentorship of Akshay Kumar.

How to download and Play FAUG game?

You can download the FAUG game through your Google Play Store or Apple app store once it is available and play by creating your account in-game.

What is the FauG game size?

It is expected to be under 500MB to 1.5GB for android users and around 1.8BGB for the iOS mobile devices.


FauG game is going to be the best alternative of PUBG or any other battle royale game like COD, Free fire.

FauG game is not only for entertainment but besides of this player will also learn the sacrifices of soldiers by playing this game. And 20% of the net revenue will be donated to Bharat Ke Veer Trust.

I hope you found all the important details about the FauG game in this article if anything remained unanswered them must leave in the comments below.

And do share this article with others to let other battle royale game players know about it.

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  1. I really hoped that India wouldn’t ban PUBG. I had so many friends from India that I met in PUBG. I’ll try this from my country. I hope the ping will be good. It is nice to be informed. Thanks for sharing 😀

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