Backwards 3: How To Type It In PC & Android Device?

Want to know how to type Backwards 3 or reverse 3 in an android or PC device?

Backwards 3(Ɛ) which is also known as reverse 3 is a quite popular symbol these days as it is being used on status, tweets, posts etc.

It is being used to create a heart symbol to use on social media, but very few know how to type this symbol. But don’t worry if you don’t know because I am here to help you in typing this symbol.

In this post, I will show you how to type Backwards 3 or reverse 3 on PC and android devices.

What Is The Use Of Backwards 3 Symbol?

backwards 3

The reverse 3 (Ɛ) symbol is used to create a heart symbol that is quite popular on Social Media that is most often used in status, tweets, messages etc as a symbol of low Ɛ>.

This symbol is very popular because it looks very interesting on social media.

How To Type Backwards 3 Or Reverse 3 Symbol?

This symbol is quite easy to type whether you want to type in on a mobile or PC device. I will show you how to type it easily.

Type Backwards 3 In PC

If you use a PC for visiting Facebook and other social media handles where you need to use the Backwards 3 symbol for adding Ɛ> symbol on your post, tweets etc. Then you can simply copy the symbol from below and use it wherever you want.

Just copy the Backwards 3 symbol by selecting it and pressing CTRL + C.


It’s very simple to type the love symbol, just copy the reverse 3 symbol from above and add the Greater-than sign(>) just after that.

There are other two methods are also available that you can use to type three backwards symbols on PC:

Method #1: Type Ɛ In MS Word Using ALT Code

You can type the Ɛ in MS Word by using the ALT Code method. Don’t know about this method?

Let me guide you about this and how to type Ɛ in MS Word:

Open the MS Word, and create a new blank document.

open a blank doc

Now type the “0190” and then press” ALT-X” to convert this code into backwards three symbols.

type backwards 3 in ms office

This is the easiest method to type the backwards three symbol using ALT CODE. You can copy the symbol and use it wherever you want to with > sign to make a love symbol.

Don’t you think this symbol looks like capital E? It is, right?

Method #2: Type Ɛ In MS Word With Symbols

MS Word also allows you to use this symbol, you can find it inside symbols.

Just open the MS Word and create a new blank document. Now go to Symbols and search for the Ɛ symbol from all the available symbols there.

Once you find that, you can click on the Symbol to use it inside your MS Word document and copy it to use wherever you want to.

ms word symbol

Method #3: Type Ɛ Google Docs

What if you don’t have MS Word on your PC? There’s an alternative method that I am going to show you.

You can also type the Ɛ symbol using Google docs. Here is how:

  1. Open the new blank document in Google Docs. You can use to quickly create a new Google doc.
  2. Now go to Insert and then Special Characters to find the reverse 3 symbol.
  3. Search for the Ɛ symbol from the available symbol there. Or there is an option to draw the symbol you want to search, it saves a lot of time from manually searching.
backwords 3 in google docs

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Type Backwards 3 On Mobile Device

I have shared the 3 easy methods to type the backwards three symbol on PC but what if you prefer a mobile device over a PC to visit your social media profiles.

You can type this symbol through mobile devices too. Let me show you how:

The Easiest Copy Paste Method

Just copy the Ɛ symbol from below and paste it wherever you want to, use it for your Facebook post, tweets, status etc.


You can copy it from here and paste it to your notepad installed on your Android device to get easy access whenever you need it.


Backwards 3 or Reverse 3 symbol is quite famous on social media as people often use it in their status, posts, tweets and others. It is used for creating a love shape symbol by combining it with the > symbol.

You can easily create a love shape symbol (Ɛ>) by copying the Ɛ from this post and combining it with the greater than sign. Also, you can type it using MS Word or Google docs.

I hope you found this post helpful if you did then make sure to share it with others…

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