How To Save Contacts In Google Contacts?

Google Contacts makes easy for us to view our contacts from anywhere in the world using any device, be it computer or mobile.

It makes easy for you when you are sending emails to someone, you don’t need to enter the complete email address of whom you want to send an email.

Gmail will enter it automatically when you enter starting letters on the email or the person name you want to send an email to.

It makes your work easy and safe time too, right?

It will be easy for you to sync all your contacts automatically in your new phone when you change your phone. You don’t need to save all your contacts manually on your new phone if you use Google Contacts.

Google Contacts keep your contacts on a Private space and you can access them from anywhere in the world using any device.

This post is going to help you in adding contacts into Google Contacts…

How To Add Contact In Google Contacts Manually?

Adding contacts into Google Contacts isn’t a tough task, there are two ways you can contact in your Google Contacts, the first is from Google Contacts Website and another one is using Google Contact Mobile App or website.

How To Add Contacts Using Google Contacts Application?

You can simply Download and Install Google Contacts application in your Android or iOS device using App Store available on your mobile phone.

Google Contacts

When Google Contacts downloaded and installed on your android device, Open it. It will ask you to login using your Google account, please use the same account which you want to save this new contact in.

Once you logged into Google Contacts app, you will be seeing + icon at the bottom corner of the screen.

On the next screen, you will need to add details about the new contact you want to add, details like first and last name, email, phone no etc. You can also add the profile pic by clicking on the black profile placeholder.

Add contacts to your Google Contacts app

Once you added all the details, click on the Save button at the header of the screen to save this new account on your Google Contacts account.

Add details of your contacts

How To Add Contacts Using the Google Contact Web?

Adding Contacts to Google Contact from their website is too easy. You just need to visit using your browser.

It will ask you to login using your Google Account(Gmail ID), please use the same ID you want to save a contact in.

Login Google Contacts

Once you logged in successfully, you will be seeing the Google Contacts dashboard.

For adding Contacts to Google Contacts, you need to click on Create a Contact button you will see at the left side of the screen.

Create a contact

You will see a pop-up just after clicking on Create A Contact button in Google Contacts dashboard. That pop-up will ask you details about the new contact you want to add to your Google Contacts list, details like first and last name, Company, Email, Job Title etc.

Add a contact to google contacts

You can add more details like address of the contact, by clicking on Show more link at the bottom-right of the pop-up.

Add a new contact

Once you filled every needed details about the new contact you want to save in your Google Contacts list, click on the Save link.

Created a new contact

You did it!

How To Add Contacts In Google Contact From Gmail Directly?

Someone who you don’t know sent an email on your Gmail ID.

The person is important for you and you are going to make better conversation in future with him/her. So, adding his/her email address in your Google Contacts will help you to get in contact when you need.

You can easily do this from your Gmail itself, Just open the email of the person you want to save contact for.

Hover on the name and you will see a pop-up with the option to Add To Contacts.

Save Email Address to Google Contacts

You can edit the contact you have just added by clicking on the Edit Contacts link on the same screen.

Add Contacts In Google Contacts

You can easily add the First Name, Last Name, Company, Job Title, Mobile Number and even you can add Profile Pic. Click on Save when you filled everything you want to add in that contact.

edit Contacts in Google Contacts

This is pretty simple, right?

Now you can view this contact from any device in which you have added the same Google Account.


This is how you can add contacts in Google Contacts. Google Contacts makes easy for you to get your contact from anywhere in the world using any device.

It will never be lost even if you lost your mobile phone or SIM card. You just need to keep your Google Account save in which you have saved your contacts.

It also makes easy for you when you write an email for someone because you don’t need to add enter an entire email address, just enter some starting letter instead.

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